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Haddad Art

Hand Crafted Fun, Funky, and Sometimes Functional Beachy Home Decor Created by John Haddad


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Wall Art


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Trays and Boxes

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Black and Right Signs

Word Art

Hand Crafted Beach House Home Decor

Coastal Wall Art


Beach Cut Outs

Beach cutouts are hand cut and then sculpted to deliver a unique, rustic but refined one of a kind wall hanging for your coastal themed home. Each cut out is cut by hand, sculpted, sanded, painted and finished with an easy to clean clear coat finish.

Framed Beach Art

My framed beach art delivers light hearted designs with crabs, mermaids, lobsters, whales, sand dollars and other beachy beasts for your walls. Each piece is hand cut, shaped, sculpted, sanded, Painted and clear coated for easy cleaning

Beach Word Art

A single word can bring back memories or inspire you to look toward the future of sitting on the sand soaking up the sun's rays. Each of my pieces are one of a kind pieces.

Beach Signs


Beach Signs with Phrases

My beach sign phrases can remind you everyday of your time at the beach. Each beach phrase sign is created by hand stenciling and trimmed out for a finished look. The signs are clear coated for easy an easy to clean finish.

Directions To The Beach Signs

As if you forgot the direction to the beach, my beach signs point you to the sun, sand and fun. These signs include cut out words and letters. Some people order Beach direction signs with the actual miles from their home to the their favorite ocean front heaven.


Beach Established Established Signs

These classy signs state the name or your favorite beach and the year the beach was established. These signs are custom orders due to the number of beaches through out the United States.

Beach Clocks


Beach Clocks

Every minte of the day is the time to be at the beach. My beach clocks come in a number of styles and sizes. My clocks look great in any beach themed room in your home. The clock designs have prhases and cutouts available. You can select a crab, sand dollars, ocotopus, mermaid and many other sea creatures for your beach clock. Clock sizes range from 12 inches to three feet. Clocks make great presents for any occasion.

Hanger, Hooks and Racks


Coat Racks and Towel Hooks

My light hearted towell hooks make hanging up towels easy. Each towel rack has a beach reminder of some sort. The themes can be painted on or have a cutout sea beast attached. Towell racks are great to locate in entries of your beach home or pool house. My towell racks offer coastal functionality at it's best.

Coat Racks are great for entries and kids rooms. Beach themed coat racks can help minimize the clutter in any room or space.

Off the Wall Beach House Home Decor

Beach House Candle holders



Nautical and Coastal Mobiles



Ocean and Beach Sculptures






John Haddad - maker and artist

John's Haddad's Home Decor offers you hand crafted fun, funky and sometimes functional home decor. The themes of my work include: beach, farm, country industrial, spiritualhippie and some whimsy. All of the home decor on Haddad Art is hand made and finished in Cato, Indiana. My one of a kind pieces will add a blast of color, texture and joy to any room in your home. The wood I use has all been reclaimed and saved from being burned or put into a land fill. Peace to you and yours.

Wall Art

For each of my themes I have a number of cutouts ready to hang on your walls. The beach themed peices include crabs, mermaids, fish and more. As for the other themes you will have a great selection to choose from as well. If you have a custom piece that entertains me, I will make it just for you.




Framed Cut Outs

Framed cutouts have the same themes as the stand alone cutouts. The difference is these wall pieces are mounted on ship lap, lath board, bead board and other materials. The frames are made from old doors, interior trim, knotty pine paneling and or what ever wood I have for a series. The cutouts are cut, carved, sculpted, sanded, painted and finished to produce a unique finish.


Black and Right Signs

My black and right series of signs give some inspiration, direction and a reminder to not to take oneself too seriously. These small signs can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. The expression big things come in small packages is in line with the Black and Right series. Giving a Black and Right Sign to a friend or yourself could change your life's path.


Short Messages with a Bang

Framed Stenciled Signs

Haddad Art's stenciled signs are trimmed out to produce a more refined sign for your home. The messages on these signs can be words, animals, crabs or a combination of themes. Stencil signs are the most affordable of my work without losing any quality. Stenciled signs can fit into almost any home decor theme believe it or not.

Haddad Art's stenciled signs will include phrases, horses, cows, pigs and other beasts. Some stencils will have treble clefs, ampersands, at symbols and etc.


Established Stencil Signs

Everything is established at some time. My stenciled established signs can include marriage dates, towns, lake houses and beach houses and anything you that you embrace and want to remember to celebrate. Adding times of celebration with a reminder is what anniversaries are all about.