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Hand Crafted Fun, Funky, and Sometimes Functional Beachy Home Decor Created by John Haddad


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Five Sand Bucks

Sand Bucks on Lath Board measures 9x50 inches and be hung either vertically or horizontally on your wall. The sand bucks are individually cut and sclupted from plywood. The backer is made from lath board from the 1800s. The pine frame come from door trim form a home build in the 1930s.

Framed Cut Outs

Haddad Art's framed cut outs deliver texture and dimension to your home's decor.

Framed cutouts fit into any style of home decor from farm house to urban industrial. Haddad Art offers a number of themes for your home. The list of cutouts grows every day.

Each cutout is cut using a scroll saw, band saw or both. After being cut out the pieces are carved, sculpted and sanded. After the pieces are sanded they are painted, sanded, painted and sanded again. After the final coat of paint is appied, the cutouts are clear coated with an easy to clean finish.

The backer for Haddad Art's framed cutouts come in different styles from painted to warm white washed lath board from the 1800s.


Haddad Art Framed Cutouts

Five Sand Bucks Mounted on Lath Board and Framed.