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Hand Crafted Fun, Funky, and Sometimes Functional Beachy Home Decor Created by John Haddad


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John Haddad and his Work


I started making June 17th, 2012. How do I remember the day I started making one might ask. Well I remember the day because it's the day I told my wife I was going to make a living making bird houses. I graduated from Lock Haven University in 1992 and for twenty years I was a salesman. In one day my life changed.

I sold radio advertising, carpeting, modular homes, mortgages, checks and computers. In addition to selling, I published a monthly newspaper and operated a home performance insulation business. It took me until I was forty seven to figure out the path I wanted to travel. As of this date I have been making for over five and a half years and have no desire to do anything else but create.

John Haddad at the Franklin Street Bazaar in Evansville , IN


About My Work

Hand Made

All of my work is cut by hand. Each piece is cut, sculpted, sanded, polished and buffed by hand. To deliver unique pieces requires soul to go into each piece. I do not use lasers or computer aided cutting machines (CNCs) to mill my work to perfection. I spend the time cutting and shaping each piece to deliver a warm unique look to each piece I make by hand for you.

Reclaimed and Repurposed Materials

I am a scavanger of wood. Friends bring me wood, cabinet shops give me wood and I scrounge wood from failing properties. The wood I use would most likely find its way into an incinerator or dump. The saddest element to this is the scrap wood I use has some of then greatest charaacter. My wood supply dates as early as 1840.

Statement Pieces

No matter the size of my work, I want the piece to produce a "wow, that's cool" feeling. I pride myself on having my work bring a smile, a chuckle, a push of inspiration or bring back a happy memory or two. I want all of my pieces to have a happy vibe that engulfs your space.

Fun, Funky and Sometimes Functional

I want my work to bring a smile and some joy to the world. One of the greatest feelings I get is when I do a show and I watch people smile when they look at my work. I want my pieces to be able to blend into different design styles to enhance living spaces which makes them funky. Bringing a smile to a face is one form of function, but my desire is to make functional work as well. Cool stuff people can use as well as enjoy.

Haddad Art Themes

There are so many themes to create work around, but what I enjoy is the most is the beach and nautical themes the best. I do make make some country themed pieces that are a little off the wall. For example flying pigs and jumping moos (cows). The biggest driver to the theme a piece must have is to provide a happy vibe to me first.


John and Mags

My mother, M. Margaret Haddad was a major influence on encourgaging me to create. Over the years I watched my mother sew, paint, sculpt and perpetually craft everything under the sun.

One of the saddest elements to my life is that I started making and creating seven months after Mags died from complications form AlAlzheimer's. There are many days I say to myself, "I wish you could see what I'm making today Mom."


John Haddad

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