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Hand Crafted Fun, Funky, and Sometimes Functional Beachy Home Decor Created by John Haddad


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John Haddad's Shop and Studio

John Haddad's Green Acres Wood Shop


My Shop is located in Cato, Indiana. The shop has around 600 square feet of work space. . The shop was originally built in the1930s to be a play house for the original homeowner's grand daughter. Green Acres has also been a rental. Over the years the shop has been brutalized with time. Eventually the shop will be refinished inside with a vaulted ceiling, planked walls, insulated and heated. With all working artists, there is never enough space so I have the beast, pictured below for a studio and finishing space.

John Haddad's Beast: The Studio


The Beast is a 1978 Fairmont manufactured home. She was scheduled to be scrapped before I had her delivered to the back forty of our land. My wife, Lesley made sure the Beast was out of sight from our home. Studio space occupies the kitchen space. The living room offers space to store work in process. The bedrooms and bathrooms provide storage and gallery space for completed work.