About Haddad Art

Basic Information About Haddad Art

Name: John Haddad
Location: Cato, Indiana on an island of corn and soy bean fields
Making Since June 17th 2012
FaceBook Sales started in 2015
HaddadArt.com store started in September 17th 2019

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How Haddad Art Started

Hi, my name is John Haddad and i starting making "stuff"  June 17th, 2012.  My first pieces were birdhouses and bird feeders constructed from knotty pine which I ripped of my basement walls of my Evansville home.
The first year of making I made multiple items which included: marble chases; wall sculptures; vases; monsters; wobots (wood robots), wall decor; mirrors; mobiles; cut out signs; mobiles; magnets; funky boxes and more.
Haddad Art commissioned bird house.
First commissioned pieces was a birdhouse for my neighbor Steve Akins to give as a Christmas present in 2012.
Operating on a low budget I made all of my products from reclaimed lumber. Working with reclaimed lumber, a limited number of tools, a nominal skill sets was very challenging.
Reclaimed lumber forced me to make products that would coincide with my available materials.  I used pallet wood, cedar fencing, knotty pine from my basement walls, scrap dimensional lumber and anything else I could find.
My shop was in the basement of my Evansville home.  I had a table saw, circular saw, grinder, palm sander and basic hand tools.  Nominal tools lead to both an education and an opportunity in creating some cool stuff.
My skill sets were nil at this point as well.  In addition to not being very talented, I was dangerous as well.  I put nails through my hands, drilled a one inch deep hole in the web between my thumb and forefinger, nearly cut my fingers on my left hand off with the table saw and grinder.
As time went on my tool collection grew, my skill sets improved and the supply of reclaimed materials grew to include dimensional lumber from homes I helped tear down.  In a three year period of time I outgrew my basement shop and attic studio.
Haddad Art moved to the country so that I could have a larger shop, studio and a space for my collection of reclaimed lumber.
Green Acres Cottage Wood Shop located in Cato, Indiana
My business plan was relatively simple for the first three and a half years.  I would make stuff through the week, show up and sell my stuff at art shows and farmers markets on the weekends and repeat this process though out the year.
In 2017 I moved Haddad Art to the North Carolina beaches for the summer.  My sister rented a place in Nakina, NC which was close to Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle and Southport farmers markes.  I returned to the beach in 2018 with great success.
Up until 2016 i made a wide variety of stuff, but when I decided to go to the beach my work became beach oriented stuff.
One of Haddad Art's  beach crabs which is hand cut, sculpted, sanded smooth and painted.
Today, I plan on making mostly beach decor from my land locked shop and studio and market my work on line.  I will return to the beach someday, but for now I will be stuck on an island surrounded by corn and soy bean fields.
I will be blogging with some of older work, work in progress, ideas and I will be asking for comments and suggestions to improve my work and enhance my product line.